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John Halstead has been keen to share the knowledge acquired over his career. He has done this through authorship of several publications targeted at specific goups.

With two colleagues he has authored a book aimed at helping graduates and school leavers prepare themselves for the transition from academia into the world of work. This book covers all aspects of the transition and helps prepare students themselves in the most efficient way. "Career Skills - Opening Doors into the Job Market" is available at good book stores and from the publisher’s web site. www.careerskills.org.uk

Other specialist works include a range of Good Practice Guides to Health and Safety (covering the Retail Motor Industry, Offices and Commercial and Fleet Workshops) and a further Good Practice Guide for Managers aimed at giving managers of SMEs a toolkit capable of handling the range of management problems faced in their day-to-day roles. This guide covered all aspects from interview, through assessment, development and training, to discipline and capability issues to termination.

The consistent driving philosophy behind these initiatives is the desire to pass on experience, knowledge and skill sets to target groups who need them but, for a variety of reasons, may not able to have access to them.

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